Midnight Snisses

Promo CD cover for an indie synthwave band. Both versions are included but the one presented first is the version that was selected. Thanks for Toastada for allowing me to use their photo of a mystery snail.

‘Saint-like’ Candles

Birthday gifts I worked on to make parody ‘Saint candles’ from fictional subjects. Any images or elements of an image that are copy written by WOTC are under fair use under the transformative clause as this is a personal project.

Snails Don’t Have Fur, Book Cover

Book cover I designed about the niche market of raising snails not as garden adversaries but as pets.

The East Egg Diner Menu

Quick mock up for a mono colored menu that’s easily printable for a diner.

Lollio’s Lollipops

A project designing candy packaging in a bright and interesting way.

Tannish Twiice

Wine bottle layout for a fictional red wine with a vampiric vibe blended with the use of roman numerals to add a elegant callback to the word ‘Twiice’.

Recipe Cards

Recipe cards adapted from various magazines.

Spotify Playlist Cover Images

Various Spotify playlist covers I have designed over the years. Pictures used were royalty free except for top right which two images belong to WOTC.

Gotham Font Book

Gotham is a font book I did for college project the idea of using every font in a typeface in different weights and forms.

Olive Branch Nail Lacquer Company

My award winning branding project featuring my fictional nail polish company branding standards.

Beauty Layout Project

Mockup of two layout pages I designed.

All works and writing on this website are copy written by their creator or proper attribution is given, please do not steal.

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