About Me

Legit, I’m Rosette, I’m a designer with a deep love and appreciation for the things unseen or unconventional in daily life.

My journey into artistic expression began when I walked into the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Providence, Rhode Island. At only eight years old I had won my first statewide art award. I had created an abstract painting inspired by Mussorgsky’s: Pictures at an Exhibition, No. 8 Catacombæ. As I listened to the orchestra play to the work that sparked my interest, I felt this inspiring feeling overtake my senses. That memory is still one of the most formative events of my childhood to this day. It set me on a lifelong course to love art and artistic expression in my professional life.

Today I’m still expressing myself through my work. After earning honors at Rhode Island College in Graphic Design, I went though a profound transformative experience in the years afterwards. My love of the unconventional and the more macabre side of life bloomed like a day lily. I am devoted to the beauty of nature, going for walks, and taking pictures that evoke an emotion in myself. Snails and other pets off the beaten path are an interest and love of mine. I collect interesting eclectic, objects for display and always take the opportunity to learn something new.

All works and writing on this website are copy written by their creator or proper attribution is given, please do not steal.

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